Our Resident cats

Whiskers & Cream has 10 adorable residents. Come and have a cuddle and relax in our London Cat Cafe


Ollie (Oliver) is the youngest member of the Whiskers & Cream cat family and his birthday is estimated as 3rd May 2021.  He was found by a member of staff abandoned in a cat box with a note which said his owners had been evicted and that he needed a home.   After FIV blood test, vaccinations, being spayed and a growth removed he came to live at the café on 17th August.  He  has settled into café life quickly and his special friend is Jasper but he is sociable with all cats and humans alike.


Jack & Jasper

Jack (Left) & Jasper (Right) are brothers and were born in Nottinghamshire on 6th July 2018. They are Maine Coons and although a large breed they are very gentle, mischievous and sociable with humans and other cats.



Oscar was born on 30th April 2019 and is the youngest cat at Whiskers & Cream. He is a Tonkinese. They are known to be very naughty and vocal and Oscar is no exception, Hang onto your food when you visit!!!



Vanilla was born on 14th January 2015, he is the ‘daddy’ at Whiskers & Cream. He was donated by a young family emigrating to Australia. He is a very gentle boy but likes to show he’s boss by hissing in between flirting for cuddles! He doesn’t like his back touched so beware as he may give you a little warning nip if you venture too far past the top of his head!



Arti was one of our rescue kittens and was born on 16th June 2018. His ‘mummy’ couldn’t look after him and his sister Winnie as she was unwell, and they were too much for her. He is a very affectionate boy and loves all the other cats and visitors to Whiskers & Cream.



Amelia is a brown tabby and was born on 3rd December 2018. She is very gentle natured and loves all her big ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’. She is very a little shy but can be playful and has learned some of her clever games from Trixie. Approach her slowly and she will let you give her lots of love.



Beatrix was born on 15th April 2018 and is a Devon Rex. They are known to be very clever and have big characters. She is nicknamed Trixie as she is ‘Trixie by name and ‘tricksy’ by nature! She is very clever and invents new games which we have to try to work out. She loves to play ‘hand ball’ and chase the mouse up the pole and fetch it back down all to be repeated again! She gives very stern looks when Amelia or the other cats try to play her games. She is the Whiskers & Cream ‘Princess’!



Molly is a Tortoise Shell and was born on 14th July 2018. She was gifted to Whiskers & Cream by a dear friend. She was born in Kent at the home of a very elderly lady. She ran so fast around the house her human mummy couldn’t pick her up so didn’t have human cuddles when she was a small kitten. It took her a while to get used to human love but she now loves to be tickled under her chin and stroked gently. She has also become very playful and loves to tease Trixie by getting into her games.